Athletic Director: Brent E. Bell
Athletic Secretary: Marcia Schell

Telephone: (717) 362-6476
Fax: (717) 362-8088

To be a coach at the Upper Dauphin Area School District, individuals must go through an application process (including applicable clearances), a selection and hiring process and an orientation program (new head coaches).

Application Process

To apply for a head coaching position at Upper Dauphin Area, the candidate must submit a cover letter, resume, three letters of recommendation and clearance to Brent E. Bell, Athletic Director, Upper Dauphin Area School District, 220 N Church Street, Elizabethville, PA 17023. Applicants for assistant coaching positions must submit a cover letter and resume along with three references to the above address.

Selection and Hiring Process

After submission of the completed applications for each position by the due date, the applications will be reviewed by, at a minimum, the Athletic Director. For assistant coach positions, the current head coach from within the Upper Dauphin Area School District will take part in the process. Candidates that are selected for an interview will be contacted and an interview will be scheduled and conducted. After all interviews (and possible subsequent interviews) are conducted, the committee will select an individual to recommend to the school board for the position. Only after a candidate is approved by the School Board will the other candidates be notified of the selection.

To be a coach at the Upper Dauphin Area School District, individuals must complete mandatory training on an annual basis. Some of these training classes are required by Pennsylvania Law and must be completed prior to participating in an official capacity as a coach.

Coaching Handbook

The training for the Coaching Handbook is now being offered through the SafeSchools training site. You will receive an email once the training is activated for you to complete the training.

Head Injury Protocol

The training for the Upper Dauphin Area School District Head Injury Protocol must be completed each time the protocol is changed.  The Head Injury Protocol training may be completed via the SafeSchools training site.

State Required Training

The following courses must be completed prior to coaching each year:

Concussion Recognition Training: Concussionwise

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Training: Cardiacwise

Additional Training

Information about Clinic Reimbursement may be found in the Coaches Handbook.

Required PIAA Training

The required PIAA training may be completed via the SafeSchools website for free.  The required training must be completed by June 2018 for existing coaches.  New coaches have 2 years from the date of hire to complete the training.  All courses listed under Coaching Fundamentals and First Aid for Coaches on the SafeSchools website must be completed in order for the training to be considered complete.

After the training is completed, the certificates must be uploaded to the PIAA website by the COACH.  The coach must first register for a coaches account on the PIAA website.  Once registered, the coach may upload the certificate from the SafeSchools website.  The two certificates that must be uploaded are the overall Coaching Fundamentals and First Aid for Coaches certificates provided by SafeSchools once all courses in that category are completed.  For questions related to uploading certificates, please contact the Athletic Director.