Upper Dauphin Area’s food service company, The Nutrition Group, has partnered with Nutrislice to provide fully online and interactive lunch menus for UDASD students, parents and staff.  This improvement will provide everyone with expanded access to up-to-date menus-anywhere and anytime. Parents will still be able to print weekly or monthly menus and to filter what is printed based on dietary needs, preferences or carb counts.  The menus are also available via the Nutrislice mobile app and Amazon Alexa enabled devices. The interactive menus are available via the UDASD Nutrislice website.


  1. Online Forms: The UDASD has started to pilot the use of online forms. The new web site contains a ‘Forms’ Link at the top of the page.  The page includes forms that you can fill out and submit online.  You will then be notified via email about the status of your request (instead of receiving letters through the mail).  Some of the most popular forms have been added to the site already and it is our intention to add more throughout the school year.
  2. Educational Trip Requests: The UDASD has changed the maximum number of days for educational trips from ten (10) days to five (5) days beginning with the 2017-18 school-year. Forms that were already submitted and trips that were already planned during this school year that exceed the five day limit will be grandfathered.
  3. Automated Attendance Calls: The UDASD has begun making automated attendance notifications for the 2017-18 school year. Instead of receiving a call from the office secretaries, parents will receive an automated call similar to what is used for school closings and delays.  This process will be rolled out over the next several weeks at all buildings.
  4. Vaccination Requirements: Please note that the vaccination requirements for students have changed. Failure to obtain the vaccinations specified may result in your child being excluded from school (unless your child has a religious/philosophical or medical exemption).  Please review the updated requirements to ensure that your child is in compliance.