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This focus area involves implementing innovative ways to bring about learning from students, using non-traditional methods for eliciting learning or implementing programs not covered in other parts of the curriculum. Examples: Implementing a cross-curriculum/real-world project that includes leadership skills in addition to traditional skills

This focus area involves encouraging students that have new ideas related to learning, wish to experiment with various theories or develop ways to improve their classmates.  Examples: Implementing an innovative tutoring program that was created by a student to help classmates learn language skills.

This focus area involves making improvements to the way that instructors provide instruction to students.  This may include utilizing new technology to deliver lessons, implementing innovative instructional methods designed to enhance learning or providing for better assessment of student learning.  Examples: Implementing a new app for science that allows students to perform virtual dissections.

This focus area involves creating or expanding opportunities related to the arts or performing arts.  This may include implementing a new program, purchasing artistic materials that are not otherwise available, inspiring artistic expression or expanding the time available to develop or display the artistic capabilities of our students.  Example: Creating an expressive dance club after school.

This focus area involves making improvements to athletic facilities or building new athletic facilities to enhance the overall athletic program.  Example: Building a larger weight room at the high school.