TEAM: Cheerleading

Coaching Staff:

Marcia Schell, Head Coach
Megan Shade, Assistant Coach
Ashley Deibert, Assistant Coach


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Team Game Schedule (Varsity)

This team uses Team App for team related activities.  Parents and players may sign up for Team App for more information related to the team including team calendars, rules, announcements, communications and team documents.

The main purpose of the Upper Dauphin Area Cheerleading Squad is to support the athletics program through quality cheerleading skills and genuine acts of school spirit. Advanced cheerleading skills are the goal of every squad in order to enliven the crowd, further school spirit, and cheer the teams to victory. When elite skills and exceptional teamwork is accomplished, squad(s) may compete to represent Upper Dauphin Area if permitted by the School District. It is the hope of the coaching staff that every season each cheerleader will find their own unique cheerleading success.

The Cheerleading Team holds several special events each year including the Little Champs Cheer Camp, Pep Rally in the Valley and Alumni Cheerleader Night.  Additional information will be posted to this area once details are available for the coming year.

Little Champs Cheer Camp

2019 Little Champs Cheer Camp Flyer

Little Champs Cheer Camp Waiver

Pep Rally in the Valley

Pep Rally in the Valley Vendor Application

Pep Rally in the Valley Invite

2019 Logo

Profiles of participants will be added to this page during the season as they reach key milestones, have record breaking performances or make a significant impact on their team.

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The Cheerleading Team does not currently have any social media accounts.  Check the UDA Athletics Twitter Account for updates regarding team scores and schedules.

There are not any current merchandise sales available for this team.  Merchandise may be purchased via the BigTeams site.

During the football season you cannot miss more then 3 unexcused practices and you cannot miss more than one game. During competition you cannot miss any practice and/or competition. Winter Cheerleading: For varsity wrestling matches No practices can be missed and you cannot miss any match. For boys varsity basketball games NO practices can be missed and you cannot miss more then 2 games in order to earn your Varsity Letter.