upper dauphin area college admissions

Students that wish to attend a college or technical school should follow the following general process.

  • Research Colleges
    • Find schools that have your intended major.
    • Find schools that have clubs, sports and activities that you would like to be involved in.
    • Look at the location of the school (is it rural, urban, close to home, etc.) based on your desires.
    • Look at how big the school is (do you want to attend a large school, small school, etc.).
  • Apply to the schools that you are interested in.
    • Fill out an application.
    • Usually applications may be filled out online.
    • Write an essay (if required)
  • Request letters of recommendation.
    • Ask teachers, HS counselors, coaches, advisors, pastors and employers.
    • You will most likely need for both applications and scholarships.
  • Request your transcript.
    • Ask the HS Guidance Office and to have an official transcript be sent to the colleges that you have applied to.
  • Wait for acceptance letters.
  • Research financial aid.
  • Research scholarship opportunities

The latest scholarship list may be obtained from the High School Guidance Office.