upper dauphin area stem curriculum

Upper Dauphin Area School District strives to provide a challenging environment where students can enjoy learning. All members of the whole school community recognize the value of hard work and take pride in putting forth their best efforts each and every day. These values are reflective of those held by the people of our rural, agricultural community. The mission of our district is to empower our students to be lifelong learners in order to reach their greatest potential. As part of this quest we offer our students a wide range of educational and extracurricular activities designed to prepare them for future employment, further education, and active citizenship. UDA’s dedicated and enthusiastic staff, in partnership with parents and community and business groups, is committed to the belief that “students are our purpose.”

Upper Dauphin Area Schools offer a comprehensive curriculum aligned to the Pennsylvania Core Academic Standards. In the elementary school, we provide all students with a curriculum designed to create a foundation for future learning and instill good character. In the middle school, we expand those efforts, including an expansion of character education. In both the elementary and middle schools, through guidance small group and large group activities and individual counseling, we introduce students to the various career paths that will open to them as they continue their schooling. In the high school, we offer students a comprehensive academic program, including character education, advanced placement classes, dual enrollment for college credit, and vocational programs in agriculture and construction trades. Through guidance and through the senior projects process, including college and career fairs, we offer aid and assistance to students to chart their course in the post-secondary world. Through project-based learning experiences often reflected in senior projects, students have opportunities for research and experimentation marrying pure and applied academics and sciences for a truly unique “capstone” experience.

The Upper Dauphin Area School District follows a cycle to continually refine its curriculum and keep it up to date.

Cycle A: ELA and Math, APE Review
Cycle B: ELE, Math and Biology
Cycle C: Sciences
Cycle D: Technology, Business
Cycle E: Arts, Health and Physical Education
Cycle F: Social Sciences, Vocational Education

Teachers within the UDASD are given time to meet, analyze the curricula, consult SAS and then plan from the standard forward.