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UDASD leadership, consisting of the district superintendent and school board members, recognizes the importance of data governance policies and procedures developed to insure the accuracy and security of student data. Leadership supports data analysis to better inform educational policy, planning, and practice.

Data Governance Vision:

All educational data is treated as an asset and is used to support evidence-based decision-making and informed action.

Data Governance Mission:

The mission of UDASD Data Protocol is to lead in the creation, implementation, and oversight of the information and data management goals, standards, practices and processes aligned with the goals of the district; to provide advice and support in relation to all aspects of data ownership, protection, student privacy, analysis, interpretation, integrity and implementation of using data as an instructional tool and resource to drive instruction.

The Data Governance Committee of the Upper Dauphin Area School District consists of the following:

Jared Shade, Superintendent
Jessica Megonnell, Elementary School Principal
Alexis Gundrum, Middle School Principal
Abbey Walshaw-Wertz, High School Principal
Heather Haupt, Director, Special Education and Student Services
Brent Bell, Director, Operations
Cory Shade, Emily Maldonado, Clint Gehring – Guidance Counselors
Elizabeth Groff – UDAES
Christina Reiner and Tara Lahr – UDAMS
Amy Gehring  – UDAHS

The Pennsylvania Information Management System (PIMS) is an information technology system that every school district in Pennsylvania uses to submit student, staff, school and district level data to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  The data submitted through PIMS is used for a variety of reasons including meeting reporting requirements specified in state and federal law as well as meeting the requirements of various federal and state programs.

The Upper Dauphin Area School District (UDASD) complies with the Pennsylvania Department of Education requirements to submit accurate data through PIMS.  This data includes student data such as attendance, discipline and graduation data as well as information about staff members, courses and certifications.  Safety related information is also submitted through PIMS including fire/bus drill data, AED data and school safety data.  Information through PIMS is also used to manage the PSSA and Keystone testing process.  The amount of data submitted through PIMS is increasing each year and the UDASD strives to ensure that the data submitted is thorough and accurate.