11/13/2020 – On November 2nd, the Pennsylvania Department of Health and Pennsylvania Department of Education announced that Dauphin County is in the substantial category for COVID-19 community spread.  The recommendation of the Department of Health is that following two weeks of substantial community spread, schools should consider moving to a fully remote model.  However, that remains a local (LEA) decision.  Today marks the conclusion of that two week period.  The Upper Dauphin  Area School District will continue to monitor local case data and make decisions based on that data.  As we have done since the beginning of the pandemic, the UDASD will determine the best option for its students and staff based on an analysis of the risk involved.  For now, the UDASD will continue to operate without changes for the foreseeable future.  Again, the UDASD will be continuing with in-person instruction as of this announcement. That said, we have planned and prepared for the worst.  We’ve updated student/parent expectations for virtual learning in the event the local data compels us to move to a remote model. You can access that document here. We look forward to educating and mentoring your children Monday morning!  Have a great weekend!


Please use the Pennsylvania Department of Health Guidance and CDC Guidance to determine whether your child is showing symptoms of COVID-19.  If your child is showing symptoms based on the above guidance, please do not send your child to school.  If a child is tested for COVID-19 or quarantined related to COVID-19, the child should not be sent to school and parents should notify the building office of your child’s school.


Yesterday, the Pennsylvania Department of Health and Pennsylvania Department of Education released official correspondence to school districts stating that face coverings must be worn by students even if they are spaced six feet apart except when eating or during face covering breaks or recess periods lasting ten minutes or less.  The Upper Dauphin Area School District will comply with the direction provided within the letter and will update its health and safety plan.  If this decision to require face coverings even when spaced six feet apart changes your decision about which option you are choosing for your child’s education, please submit the change through the online survey available on the website or call the building office. Finally, please note that updated face covering guidance will be posted on the website by Friday.  Thank you to our parents and students for your understanding as we navigate through the beginning of the school year under exceptional circumstances.

The UDASD has updated its face covering protocols that explain the general protocols about when face coverings will be necessary and the types of face coverings that may be worn.  Please review the Revised District Face Covering Protocols.


The Upper Dauphin Area School District staff have been working to develop detailed plans for the return of students on August 24, 2020.  In preparation for that reopening, the UDASD has issued the following Return To School Guidance documents for each building.  These documents contain the latest information about the reopening of schools and the Enhanced Remote Education Program.

In addition, the UDASD is issuing preliminary guidance on what criteria it will be using to determine whether schools or the entire district needs to be closed based on confirmed cases related to the school and community spread.


The Upper Dauphin Area School District will be posting fact sheets on this page to provide information to stakeholders throughout the remainder of the summer.  These fact sheets are intended to help families sift through all of the information about the reopening of schools and find out specific information about the steps the UDASD is taking to return to school in a safe and organized manner.


The Upper Dauphin Area School District is providing detailed plans for the reopening of schools for the 2020-21 school year.  These plans will be listed here as they are approved by the Board of School Directors.