About Us


The Trojan Educational Foundation

The Trojan Educational Foundation (TEF) is a 501.c.3 corporation, a charitable organization that exists to further the educational impact of Upper Dauphin Area School District. The purpose of the TEF is to develop, promote, and finance education programs, activities, and projects to advance academics, athletics, and the arts.

Core Values

The TEF operates based on three core values which the TEF Board of Directors developed. The TEF Board analyzes each project by the following core values.


This focus area involves improving programs and activities that allow teachers and students to use state of the art, groundbreaking, creative, and/or leading practice strategies and techniques to improve learning and deliver curriculum. The world is continually changing and the TEF can provide funding to help the UDASD improve academically each year.

This focus area involves programs and activities that improve the experience of students while they attend Upper Dauphin Area. Enhancing student experience includes expanding current offerings, meeting student needs, and/or refining extracurricular programs across the district. Funding through the TEF can improve the student experience to better fit UDA’s specific student needs.

This focus area involves programs and activities that allow for the physical improvement of facilities used for athletic, music, artistic and other extracurricular programs across the district. This includes upgrades of all levels, both indoor and outdoor.


The Trojan Educational Foundation operates through a Board of Directors. The Board manages the Foundation through an Executive Director, committees, and sub-committees. These committees manage the day-to-day operations of the Foundation. This includes fundraising, administering grants and alumni awards, and marketing the Foundation mission.


The TEF By-Laws were revised and approved in early 2021.