Create a Sapphire Community Portal Account

The Sapphire Community Portal (SCP) Account is an account that both parents and students can use to see grades, update student information, view course schedules, complete school forms, submit absence and early dismissal excuses, and more.

Students are automatically created an account when they begin at UDASD. Students who do not know their login can ask their teacher.

Parents can create an account in 3 easy steps:

  1. Clicking on the Sapphire Community Portal link and choose “Apply for a Sapphire Community Portal account” link. You will be asked for a keyword. The KEYWORD is udatrojans.
  2. Complete the SCP Application form with your information and create your username and password.
  3. After you complete the application, it will be submitted to the UDASD for approval. Once it is approved, you will receive an email and you will be able to log in to the SCP.

*Please note that the Online Registration Account is NOT the same as the Sapphire Community Portal Account.  Even if you registered your child online, you need to request a separate Sapphire Community Portal Account to access forms, grades, and other information related to your child.

Sapphire Community Portal FAQS

  • Cannot Remember Login Information – if your login information is not working or you need a password reset, you can contact Lauren Stoner at for a reset.
  • Blank Screen Error – if you are having an error with your Sapphire Portal account where you receive a blank screen, please clear your browser cache. Instructions to clear cache on Chrome. If this does not work for you, contact Lauren Stoner, with details on your error.

Sapphire Community Portal Access

  • Student Data Forms: Complete school and extracurricular forms online
  • Change Student Data: Updating parent and student contact information
  • Current Schedule: View your child’s current schedule
  • Courses and Grades: View your child’s courses, current grades, and assignments
  • Attendance: View attendance information for your child
  • Report Cards: View your child’s report card
  • Absence and Early Dismissal Excuses: Submit excuse notes for your child

Parent Portal Accounts:

When you log into the SCP, you will see your child’s information or you may see a list of your children if you have multiple children in the school.  Select the child that you want to complete forms for. If you have multiple children, you will need to complete each form for each child separately.  Once you see your child’s information, click on Student Data Forms under the Student Backpack to see the forms that need to be completed.  Please complete all of the forms under ‘Forms Awaiting Completion.’  In addition, if your child is participating in extracurricular activities and/or will be parking on school property, please complete the appropriate forms under ‘OnDemand Forms’.  You may also submit absence excuses and early dismissal excuses for your child through the Sapphire Community Portal.  Those are also listed under the ‘OnDemand Forms’.

Student Portal Accounts:

When students log in to the SCP, they will see their own information.  Students should also complete all of the forms listed under ‘Forms Awaiting Completion.’  Students who plan to drive/park on school property or participate in extracurricular activities must also complete the appropriate forms under ‘OnDemand Forms.’

Extracurricular Forms:

To participate in extracurricular activities, parents and students should complete the following forms located under ‘On Demand Forms’:

  • Extracurricular HIPAA Release
  • Extracurricular Participation Contract
  • Consent to Mandatory Testing

Driving/Parking on School Property:

Students who intend to park/drive on school property must complete Permission to Drive/Park on School Property and Consent to Mandatory Testing.

Paying Fees:

Information about how to submit fees is included on forms that require fees.  Please make sure that you include your child’s name, grade, and the description of what the fee is for on your envelope for any fee submitted to the building office.