Trojan Virtual Academy

Building Connections


The Trojan Virtual Academy is an online learning solution developed by Upper Dauphin Area School District to provide a virtual learning opportunity to meet individual student needs. The UDASD will use eBridge Academy as the online learning platform for the Trojan Virtual Academy.

The Trojan Virtual Academy is offered to all Upper Dauphin Area students in grades 3-12. Please contact your principal or guidance counselor for more information.


Who can enroll in the Trojan Virtual Academy?

The TVA is available to all Upper Dauphin Area students in grades 3-12.

How does my student apply for the Trojan Virtual Academy if my student is a transfer student from a different district?

Please first register for UDASD by using our  UDASD Transfer Student Registration form. Once you are registered, you can talk to the guidance counselor or principal about enrolling in TVA.

Can my student still participate in UDA events?

Absolutely! TVA students can and are encouraged to participate in all UDA extracurricular activities such as band, homecoming, prom, clubs, and sports while enrolled in the TVA.

Who can I contact if I have more questions about the Trojan Virtual Academy?

You can contact your student’s building principal for more information about the Trojan Virtual Academy.

Nicole Czaplicki
Elementary Principal

Alexis Gundrum
Middle School Principal

Abbey Walshaw-Wertz
High School Principal