Personnel Services

UDASD Employee Benefits

The Upper Dauphin Area School District (UDASD) provides multiple employment benefits for its employees.  For full-time employees, these benefits include health insurance, vision insurance, dental insurance and life insurance.  In addition, the UDASD participates in the Public School Employees Retirement System (PSERS) to help provide retirement benefits for its employees.

It should be noted that health insurance coverage is provided for dependent children until age 26 regardless of status.  However, dental and vision insurance is only provided to children dependents past the age of 18 if the dependent(s) are full-time students.  Please note that dental and vision insurance for students will cease once they turn 23 years old.

Health Insurance

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Health Insurance Benefits & Coverage
Health Insurance Benefit Highlights
Health Insurance Opt Out Form

Vision Insurance

Vision Insurance Enrollment Form
Vision Reimbursement Form
Vision Member Portal

Dental Insurance

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Dental Insurance Plan
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Life Insurance

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The following are recent Collective Bargaining Agreements between the Upper Dauphin Area Education Association and the Upper Dauphin Area School District: