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Athletic Secretary: Marcia Schell

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Most of the athletic teams within the Upper Dauphin Area School District have a booster organization that provides financial and other support to their respective team.  It is important that all parents become involved in the activities of the booster associations.  The Upper Dauphin Area School District provides substantive essential equipment and supplies for our athletics program; however, our booster clubs provide supplemental support such as awards, commemorative items, specialized practice equipment, and scholarships.  In order for them to function, it is important that they have parents and others who are willing to lend their time and energy to make our athletics program better.

  • Trojan Football Club
  • Trojan Girls Soccer Club
  • Trojan Soccer Club
  • UDA Baseball Booster Club
  • UDA Girls Basketball Boosters
  • UDA Girls HS Softball Boosters
  • UDA Trojan Mat Club
  • UDA Volleyball Booster Club
  • Upper Dauphin Area Archery Boosters
  • Upper Dauphin Cheer Boosters
  • Upper Dauphin Roundball Club
  • Upper Dauphin Track and Field Boosters

Although booster organizations operate independently from the School District, they serve as a representative of the School District and must adhere to certain policies established by the School Board and Athletic Department. Failure to abide by these guidelines and policies may result in administrative or legal action towards the booster organization by the Upper Dauphin Area School District.

Booster officers should read and become familiar with several policies related to booster activities.  These policies include:

The following guidelines are provided to officers of booster organizations that operate within the Upper Dauphin Area School District. The guidelines are intended to provide booster officers with information about what to do and what not to do when serving in that capacity. Questions about these guidelines or suggestions for additions to these guidelines should be submitted to the Athletic Director.

General Guidelines

  • Be sure to complete the required School District’s Booster Organization Annual Disclosure by July 31st each year.
  • Notify the Athletic Director when the officers of the organization have changed.
  • Have your financial records audited each year.
  • Review all School District policies related to booster organizations.
  • Complete a fundraising application for each fundraiser and submit to the building principal prior to the fundraiser.
  • Understand that only one fundraiser a year may include solicitation by students.
  • When doing fundraisers such as car washes and solicitation at businesses, students are NOT allowed to be within 25 feet of a street, highway or parking area. Students must be supervised by an adult and the adult is responsible for ensuring that this guideline is met.
  • Complete a building usage form when you need to request the use of school district facilities for any reason.
  • No activities sponsored by the booster organization may alter the start time or half-time duration of a scheduled contest/game without approval of the Athletic Director prior to the activity. This includes senior night activities, recognition of prior teams or alumni, half-time youth games or any other activity occurring within the gymnasium, stadium or field.
  • No booster organization should publish or hand out any paper stating that anyone can get into an event free (as part of a special event) without the prior approval of the Athletic Director.
  • Booster organizations must receive approval prior to making any capital improvements to School District property or facilities even if the booster organization plans to pay for the improvements.
  • Booster organizations must receive approval for any purchases of equipment over $100 or any uniforms worn during contests. In addition, any equipment purchased by booster associations becomes the property of the School District. After it is purchased, It may not be sold or removed from School District premises without permission.
  • Senior night activities may be held prior to a contest, but the event must be coordinated at least five days in advance with the Athletic Director.
  • Parent night activities, in which all students and their parents are announced, are discouraged due to time constraints with contests.
  • Gifts for student athletes are restricted by the PIAA. Senior scholarships provided by booster organizations should have a defined application and selection process. Providing ‘scholarships’ to all seniors just for participating without having a defined selection process is not allowed.
  • A coach bus may be arranged through the Athletic Director prior to the event for playoffs and events with lengthy travel distances. The booster organization will be billed for the difference between what would have been paid by the School District for a school bus and the cost of the coach bus. This difference must be paid in a timely manner to the Upper Dauphin Area School District.
  • There are times when a booster organization may pay for equipment, rooms, transportation and be reimbursed by the School District. These purchases must be pre-approved by the Athletic Director.

Concession Stand Guidelines

  • Do not remove any equipment, supplies or food from any concession stand that does not belong to your organization.
  • If you do not want another organization to use your supplies and equipment, they should be locked up when not in use.
  • Ensure that the concession stand is cleaned after each event, garbage is removed and the grease from fryers is removed.
  • Space in the drink coolers will be divided among the various groups that use the concession stand.
  • In those situations where two or more organizations use the same concession stand, please work together to ensure that any issues are resolved. If you find that the stand was not cleaned by the prior user or that the prior user used supplies, etc. that they were not supposed to, please contact the booster officers for that organization. Not every organization has the same parents working in the stand at every event and sometimes things get missed or used inadvertently. If the incidents happen repeatedly or there is a lack of cooperation by the other organization, then you may contact the Athletic Director.
  • Use of School District concession stands/facilities is a privilege. Failure to abide by policies or requests from the School District may result in suspension from using facilities or an organization not being allowed to use the facility in future years.

Facility Usage

Booster groups and community organizations may not use athletic facilities without requesting use of the facilities as per Upper Dauphin Area School District policies.

As representatives of the Upper Dauphin Area School District, all booster organizations must complete an annual disclosure statement by July 31st of each year. This disclosure statement includes a list of current and incoming officers, information about organization activities and an organization financial disclosure. An online form is being developed to submit information for the 2017-18 school year.  Booster officers will be notified once the form is available.