Coaching Staff:

Adam Zigner, Head Coach
Joe Nelson, Assistant Coach
Matt Buffington, Volunteer Assistant Coach
Jeff Zigner, Volunteer Assistant Coach


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Team Game Schedule (Varsity)

Team Game Schedule (Junior Varsity)

This team uses Team App for team related activities.  Parents and players may sign up for Team App for more information related to the team including team calendars, rules, announcements, communications and team documents.

Profiles of participants will be added to this page during the season as they reach key milestones, have record breaking performances or make a significant impact on their team.

The following articles are related to the Upper Dauphin Area Boys Soccer Team:

None at this time

The Boys Soccer Team does not currently have any social media accounts.  Check the UDA Athletics Twitter Account for updates regarding team scores and schedules.

There are not any current merchandise sales available for this team.  Merchandise may be purchased via the BigTeams site.

  1. To letter, a player must end the season in good standing(must not quit the team prior to the final game.
  2. Any senior player will letter regardless of the number of years he has played.
  3. Any player who has played in at least half of the regular season games will letter.
  4. Any player who does not meet the aboce criteria, but based on extenuating circumstances is deemed by the coaching staff to deserve a letter, will letter.