To play a sport you must sign-up using the online form.  You may not sign up for a sport/activity in the next school year until after April 1st.

Once the sign-up period has closed, the sign-up lists will be entered into the system and provided to each coach. The head coach will then contact you about upcoming team meetings, practices, team activities and online team apps.

Additional forms and information will also be provided to you by the Athletic Office. Please visit the Participation Requirements section to find out more information about the forms, exams, and tests that must be completed prior to starting participation in a sport.

If you are in the process of deciding whether or not to join a sport, you are encouraged to contact the Athletic Director and/or the Head Coach for that sport to discuss your questions or concerns. If you have general questions about playing sports at Upper Dauphin Area, please reference the Guide to Athletics which contains basic information about the UDA Athletics Program. If you are not able to find the information you are looking for, please contact the Athletic Director.

The following requirements must be met by each student-athlete before the first contest of the season. The physical examination and ImPACT® testing must be completed PRIOR to participating in the first practice.  Students are given time to return the other forms and will be notified of the due date.  Failure to submit required paperwork by the due dates will result in suspension from practices and games until the paperwork is handed in.

  1. Completion of Physical Examination – According to PIAA regulations, a physical examination or recertification is required prior to the start of each athletic season using the PIAA required form (CIPPE).
  2. Completion of ImPACT® Testing – This testing is required by all new athletes and athletes in grades 7, 9 and 11.  This testing is usually done during the summer for fall sports or during school for winter and spring sports.
  3. Completion of Extracurricular Participation ContractThis form signifies that the student and parent have both read the Student Code of Conduct for Extracurricular Activities (once per year).
  4. Completion of Extracurricular HIPPA WaiverThis form signifies consent for the Athletic Trainer to share medical information with school personnel (once per year).
  5. Completion of Consent to Mandatory TestingEach participant and his or her parents/guardians must sign the drug and alcohol policy acceptance form before participation is allowed (once per year).
  6. Payment of Participation Fee – Each participant must pay the associated $30 participation fee (once per year) to participate in extracurricular activities.
  7. Meet Age Requirements – According to PIAA regulations, the maximum age of participation is 19, unless said age is attained on or after July 1st.  In addition, a player cannot participate in more than four years of athletics at the high school level regardless of age.

The PIAA provides certain limitations related to participating in interscholastic athletic programs.

  • Any student participating in athletics at UDA must be a resident of the District unless a co-op agreement is in place with another school (track and field).
  • Home Schooled or Cyber/Charter School students must contact the Athletic Director prior to signing up for a sport.
  • Any student reaching the age of 19 prior to July 1st of the upcoming school year is ineligible to participate in athletics for that school year.
  • A student has six years of eligibility for athletics starting in 7th grade (regardless of whether or not the student played the sport each year).

Residency/Athletic Transfer

If you are moving into the Upper Dauphin Area School District and wish to participate in the athletic program, you must contact the Athletic Director.

Foreign Exchange Students

If you are a foreign exchange student coming into the Upper Dauphin Area School District and wish to participate in the athletic program, you must contact the Athletic Director.