A long-held tradition at Upper Dauphin Area is earning a varsity letter. Becoming a letter winner in any varsity-level sport or marching band at Upper Dauphin Area gives the student-athlete the right to obtain a varsity jacket. Only students that have earned a varsity letter are allowed to order varsity jackets.

The criteria for earning a varsity letter in each sport is developed by the Head Coach of that sport and approved by the Athletic Director and varsity club officers.

Cheer Varsity Letter

In order to receive a varsity letter for cheerleading the rules are as follows: during the football season, you cannot miss more than 3 unexcused practices and you cannot miss more than one game or be on the ineligibility list. During competition, you cannot miss any practice or competition or be on the ineligibility list. During winter cheerleading varsity wrestling matches, no unexcused practices or matches can missed or be on the ineligibility list.  During winter cheerleading boys varsity basketball, no unexcused practices can be missed and you cannot miss more than two games or be on the ineligibility list.

Football Varsity Letter

  • To letter in football, a player must end the season in good standing (must not quit prior to the final game).
  • Any senior player will letter regardless of the number of years he has played.
  • Any junior player will letter if he is playing his 3rd year of high school football.
  • Any player who is considered a starter on any offensive, defensive, or special teams unit for at least half of the regular season games will letter.
  • Any player who does not meet any of the other criteria must play at least half of the quarters during the year in order to letter.
  • Any player who does not meet the above criteria, but based on extenuating circumstances is deemed by the coaching staff to deserve a letter, will letter.

The Varsity Club is the student organization responsible for managing the letter winner process as well as other activities.  The Varsity Club has By-Laws and Guidelines which were developed by the members of the club and are used to manage club activities.

At the end of the fall, winter and spring sports seasons, the representative from the company that we purchase varsity jackets from will come to the school to complete the ordering process. The ordering process includes fitting jackets (he will bring samples to try on) and ensuring that the student-athlete has the order form filled out correctly. An announcement will be made at least 2 weeks prior to the representative arriving. This will allow time for the student-athlete to obtain and complete the order form. The completed order form must be turned into the athletic office prior to the date of fitting.

Please note that the order form is not provided online.  It must be requested in the Athletics Office to ensure that the individual qualifies for a varsity jacket..