Regular Season Ticket Prices

For regular-season athletic events, the following ticket prices apply:

  • Adult (High School Events) – $5
  • Student (High School Events) – $3
  • Adult (Middle School Events) – $3
  • Student (Middle School Events) – $2

Tournament Ticket Prices

For tournaments, the admission fees will be set for the specific tournament and will be posted at the ticket sales area. Unless otherwise noted, ticket prices for tournaments will be $6. Passes are not accepted for tournaments.

Annual Passes

The following passes for home athletic events can be obtained from the high school office:

  • Annual Family Pass – $105
  • Individual Pass – $75

These passes are only accepted for the school year in which they are purchased. These passes are not accepted for playoff events.

Senior Passes

Any resident of the Upper Dauphin Area School District who is 60 years of age or older may obtain a Senior Pass from the high school office. These passes are free of charge to qualifying residents. These passes can be used for home regular-season events, but are not accepted for playoff events.  Other schools may or may not accept the senior passes (rules vary by school district).

Other Passes

Official passes from the Tri-Valley Athletic Association, Mid Penn Conference and PIAA District III are recognized for regular season athletic events. League passes are not recognized for playoff games.

The prices for playoff games hosted at Upper Dauphin Area athletic facilities are set by the league involved or the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Associationi (PIAA), District III. The prices for these events will be posted at the playoff site and within any announcements concerning the event.

Admission fees for special events may be waived for event participants. Qualifications for receiving free admission are established prior to the special event.  Those who qualify will be notified prior or via posting at the event ticket area.