Athletic Director: Brent E. Bell
Athletic Secretary: Marcia Schell

Telephone: (717) 362-6476
Fax: (717) 362-8088

The athletic/extra-curricular programs of the Upper Dauphin Area High School and Middle School are recognized as an integral part of the students’ total educational experience. The basic philosophy of the extracurricular programs at the Upper Dauphin Area School District is that extracurricular activities are an extension of the classroom and provide many positive benefits to our students.  Participation can help students build character, self-discipline, a competitive and cooperative spirit, good sportsmanship and the ability to effectively handle adversity; attributes that are beneficial in all facets of life. Extracurricular competition will be provided for both male and female students.

The athletic/extra-curricular programs of the Upper Dauphin Area School District have the following primary objectives:

  • To encourage students to do their best in the classroom setting.
  • To encourage students to maintain physical fitness throughout the year.
  • To encourage regular attendance at school.
  • To provide a healthy and positive experience for students as an alternative to more destructive behaviors.
  • To educate students about the qualities of effort, dedication, perseverance and humility.
  • To educate students about working as part of a team and putting the success of the team above that of the individual.
  • To promote and intensify the level of school spirit.
  • To develop sportsmanship and a cooperative spirit.
  • To provide a positive relationship between adults and students in an environment that is an extension of the classroom.

The head coach or advisor is responsible for all students for all aspects of his or her sport’s program or activity.  Included in this is the delegation of duties for all assistant coaches within his or her sport.  The Athletic Director is responsible for all coaches of all sports.  According to PIAA guidelines, the Principal provides oversight for interscholastic athletics.  The Superintendent of Schools provides leadership for all School District programs.

The Upper Dauphin Area School District provides sixteen (16) varsity interscholastic sports and activity opportunities for its students:

Male Sports

  • Baseball (Spring Season)  AAA
  • Basketball (Winter Season)  AAA
  • Cross Country (Fall Season) A – Independent Sport
  • Football (Fall Season)  AA
  • Soccer (Fall Season)  AA
  • Track and Field (Spring Season)  AA
  • Wrestling (Winter Season)  AA

Female Sports

  • Basketball (Winter Season)  AA
  • Competitive Spirit (Winter Season)
  • Cross Country (Fall Season) A – Independent Sport
  • Soccer (Fall Season)  A
  • Track and Field (Spring Season)  AA
  • Softball (Spring Season)  AA
  • Volleyball (Fall Season)  A

Co-Ed Activities

  • Archery
  • Bocce

In addition to varsity athletics, junior varsity athletics are also provided in all sports when participation levels allow. The District provides junior high athletics in boys’ basketball, girls’ basketball and wrestling.

The Upper Dauphin Area School District also includes a non-competitive Cheerleading Program which provides cheerleading during the fall and winter seasons for the following athletic teams: football, boy’s basketball, wrestling and junior high boys’ basketball.

The athletics program at the Upper Dauphin Area School District is governed by a multitude of policies and procedures including the following:

Questions about rules that apply may be found on the respective web site for each organization.