Booster Groups are not directly controlled by the UDASD.  Consequently, persons wishing to participate should contact the Booster Group President of the group they are interested in joining.


Most of the athletic teams within the Upper Dauphin Area School District have a booster organization that provides financial and other support to their respective team.  It is important that all parents become involved in the activities of the booster associations.  The Upper Dauphin Area School District provides substantive essential equipment and supplies for our athletics program; however, our booster clubs provide supplemental support such as awards, commemorative items, specialized practice equipment, and scholarships.  In order for them to function, it is important that they have parents and others who are willing to lend their time and energy to make our athletics program better.

  • Trojan Football Club
  • UDA Baseball Booster Club
  • UDA Girls Basketball Boosters
  • UDA Girls HS Softball Boosters
  • UDA Trojan Mat Club
  • UDA Volleyball Booster Club
  • Upper Dauphin Area Archery Boosters
  • Upper Dauphin Cheer Boosters
  • Upper Dauphin Roundball Club

Please note that UDASD boosters are also involved in Booster Groups at the Millersburg Area School District for those sports hosted by the MASD through the Cooperative Sports Program.

Although booster organizations operate independently from the School District, they serve as a representative of the School District and must adhere to certain policies established by the School Board and Athletic Department. Failure to abide by these guidelines and policies may result in administrative or legal action towards the booster organization by the Upper Dauphin Area School District.

Booster officers should read and become familiar with several policies related to booster activities.  These policies include:

As representatives of the Upper Dauphin Area School District, all booster organizations must complete an annual disclosure statement.  The annual disclosure must be submitted via the ML Schedules Software. Additional information about the process may be obtained from the Athletic Department.