Sports Medicine at Upper Dauphin Area involves the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehablitation of athletic injuries. These activities are under the supervision of a Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC) that is contracted from CPRS Rehabilitation Services. Our current Athletic Trainer is Davia Erdman, LAT, ATC.

Initial Pre-Participation Physical Exam

Prior to participating in official practices or contests for a given sport, the student-athlete must have a pre-participation physical examination. The physical examination must be documented on the PIAA physical form (CIPPE). The physical examination must be completed after June 1st leading into the new school year. You are encouraged to have the physical exam done by your family physician in conjunction with your child’s annual well-child examination. If you are unable to schedule an exam with your family physician or do not have insurance, you can schedule an appointment using one of several options. Pinnacle Health Sports Medicine has two locations (Harrisburg and Mechanicsburg). The cost of the physical is $25 and you must make an appointment beforehand by calling (717) 791-2620. You may also schedule an appointment at the Lykens Family Practice Center. The cost of the physical will depend on whether you are an existing patient of the Family Practice Center. Please make an appointment by calling (717) 453-1073. Please note that sports physicals do not receive preferential appointments and you should not wait until the last minute to schedule. A final option may be an urgent care center.  Many urgent care centers provide sports physicals for a nominal fee.  Regardless of the option chosen, please complete the PIAA physical form (CIPPE), Sections 1-5, prior to arriving for your appointment.


Some student-athletes play more than one sport. If a student-athlete plays more than one sport, he or she does not have to have a pre-participation physical examination or ImPACT test redone for a subsequent sport in the same school-year as long as he or she was not injured in the prior sports season. If the student-athlete was not injured since the pre-participation physical examination was completed, then the parent and student must only complete Section 7: Re-Certification by Parent/Guardian in order for the student-athlete to participate in the next season in the current school-year. However, if the student-athlete was injured, they must still follow the procedures outline in the Return to Play section on this page.

The Upper Dauphin Area School District has an Administrative Regulation, ADM 123.2 – Head Injury Protocol, which it uses to guide its management of head injuries.  Those protocols and guidelines have been created in cooperation with the UDASD’s School Physician.  Please contact the Athletic Trainer with any questions regarding the Head Injury Protocol and Return to Play Guidelines.

Sports Injuries

If an injury occurs during a game or practice, the initial evaluation will be completed by the most qualified person present. This is usually the ATC. If the ATC is not present, the Head Coach or Athletic Director will contact the ATC and ask her to evaluate the injury. The ATC will also complete an accident report. The ATC may recommend several different courses of action that may include evaluation by a physician or specialist. In an emergency situation, the student-athlete will be transported to a hospital for emergency treatment. If a parent takes the student-athlete to a physician or emergency room without the prior recommendation of the ATC, AD or Head Coach, the parent must notify the Head Coach or ATC within 24 hours of the visit to the doctor.

  1. All injuries are to be reported to the head coach.
  2. The coach/Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC)  will complete an accident report for any injury that requires doctor’s care.
  3. The ATC must be notified of all injuries (even those that occur at away events).
  4. If you go to the doctor due to an athletic injury, you must notify the coach and ATC by phone or by personal contact within 24 hours of the visit to the doctor.
  5. Any participant excused from practices or games by a medical doctor, needs to present written notification to his/her coach.
  6. After rehabilitation, the participant must present a written form indicating that the participant is allowed to return to practice or competition.  This recertification should come from the same doctor that initiated the rehab.
  7. The participant should make themselves available for rehabilitation procedures as determined by the ATC.
  8. No student should ever enter the training room for any reason without the direct supervision of a coach or ATC.
  9. Training room hours will be posted on the training room door.
  10. The criteria and procedures for return to play from head injuries are contained in a separate document.

Rehabilitation of Athletic Injuries

When a student-athlete is injured, the ATC will provide rehabilitation services or will refer the student-athlete to physical therapy. When not at physical therapy, the student-athlete is still expected to attend practice and perform those activities that the ATC clears him or her to perform. Return to play is usually a process that begins with basic activity and is completed when the student-athlete can perform full activity at pre-injury levels. Student-athletes are expected to perform the recommendations of the ATC because their return to play may be hindered if they do not follow those recommendations.

Return to Play

If a student-athlete is evaluated by the ATC and not referred for further evaluation by a physician, the ATC may clear the student-athlete to return to play. However, if the student-athlete is evaluated by a physician or other health care provider, the student-athlete must have the physician complete Section 8: Re-Certification by Licensed Physician of Medicine or Osteopathic Medicine. The ATC has FINAL authority over return to play when it comes to athletic injuries. Even though parents may say that their child is cleared to participate, they do not have the ability to override the ATC.  The ATC is charged with making sure that Upper Dauphin Area School District administrative regulations and guidelines are met regardless of the direction of individual physicians.

Student-athletes are covered by accident insurance while participating in and traveling to and from scheduled games and practice sessions (using School District transportation). If a student is injured, parents will receive information about the insurance claims process including an enrollment form.

The Board of School Directors does provide accident insurance for Upper Dauphin Area Athletes.

Who is covered?

All participants (boys and girls) involved in High School and Middle School interscholastic athletics (7th through 12th grade). All interscholastic athletes are covered (including student managers, band members and cheerleaders).

What does the plan cover?

Accidental injury while participating in scheduled games or practice sessions or traveling under school supervision to and from scheduled games or practice sessions.

How does it work?

  • All accidents must be reported immediately to the coach who was supervising when the accident occurred.
  • The coach or ATC will then complete the school accident report and return it to the Athletic Director within 48 hours of the accident.
  • After the accident report is processed, a claim form will be issued to the student-athlete via the Athletic Office.
  • The claim form must be completed and returned to the District Office.
  • A covered accidental injury needs to be reported immediately.  Treatment from a licensed medical, dental or chiropractic practitioner must begin within 90 days.
  • Coverage is for a maximum of 104 weeks and dental coverage is included in the plan.
  • The first $100.00 of expenses for such treatment will be paid regardless of any other insurance coverage you may have.
  • Bills in excess of this first $100.00 will be paid if you have no other insurance coverage.
  • Note: There are certain dollar amount maximums which are outlined in the Schedule of Benefits (which will be provided with the claim form).