The Trojan Leadership Academy was implemented in 2013 to provide leadership training to those students who show potential as student-leaders within our high school. In 2019, students from the Millersburg Area School District were added to the program and the program was renamed the Summer Leadership Academy.

Too often we ask teenagers to show leadership on teams and in organizations, but we fail to provide them with the background, knowledge and tools to perform in that role.  We spend countless hours showing students how to execute their sport or activity, but we assume that they know how to lead without any instruction.  This program is designed to bridge that gap and provide a curriculum-based program to help students learn how to become a leader in their team, their class or their organization and provide lifelong skills in the area of leadership.

Leadership topics discussed during the Summer Leadership Academy include:

  • Leadership Basics
  • Understanding Leadership
  • Leadership Essentials and Characteristics
  • Communication Strategies
  • Knowing When to Ask for Help
  • The Influence of Leadership
  • Building Teams and Setting Goals
  • Decision Making
  • Managing Change
  • Students will gain knowledge and tools that they can use in their current roles as student-leaders.
  • Students will gain skills that they can apply in future leadership roles in all facets of their life (college, work, family, etc.).
  • The SLA will be placed on the student’s transcript which may increase his or her appeal to colleges and scholarship committees.
  • Students will have the opportunity to collaborate and gain support from others who are facing similar situations and challenges.

To participate in the Summer Leadership Academy, a student must be nominated by a coach, adviser, teacher or administrator. A small committee of three representatives will interview each individual and select the final participants for the program.

The Summer Leadership Academy is a yearlong course comprised of a two-day intensive seminar along with individual leadership follow-up sessions.  The seminar will feature leadership instruction, guest speakers in the area of leadership and hands-on exercises designed to enable students to practice the concepts they are learning. These scenario-based exercises will allow students to build confidence in real-life leadership situations.

Then, periodically, the students will meet with the instructor to discuss situations they are currently facing, obtain support as they put their student-leadership into practice and continue to learn about leadership principles and skills.  Those students who participate in the Summer Leadership Academy must attend the full two-day intensive seminar and at least one follow-up session.  Alternate arrangements may be made by contacting the instructor ahead of time.

  • Mike Tobash, PA State Representative
  • Jacklyn De Tore, Fox 43 News Anchor
  • Kara Templeton, Director, PennDOT Bureau of Driver Licensing
  • Tara Sheaffer, Regional President, Mid Penn Bank
  • Rick Flinn, Director, Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency
  • Dr. Jeffrey Lubin, Vice Chair, Department of Emergency Medicine, Penn State Hershey Medical Center
  • Geoffrey M. Roche, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives & Secretary of the College, Lebanon Valley College
  • Jeff Boyle, Deputy Director for 9-1-1, Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency
  • Jason Bristol, Sports Director, WHP-TV CBS 21 (Currently with KHOU Hoston)
  • Sgt. Robert Ligon, Pennsylvania State Police, Patrol Section Supervisor, Troop H Newport
  • Tpr. Brent Miller, Pennsylvania State Police, Public Information Officer
  • Steven O’Day, J.D., Vice President of Strategic Initiatives & Secretary of the College, Lebanon Valley College (Currently President of Austin College)
  • Pat Principe, Sports Director, WGAL 8
  • Phillip Tomassini, Chief Information Officer, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
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