upper dauphin area elementary library

Our Library

Our school library program serves to spark a love of reading, inspire life-long learning, and encourage independent library use. Kindergarten and first grade students visit once a cycle with their class to check out books. There are daily open library times for second grade through fourth grade to visit and check out books as well.  The library is an open and inviting space that promotes knowledge and insight; a place where students can open books and open their minds for a better tomorrow.

On the walls of our library, you will find many literature characters reaching out.  Some of the characters include Ramona, Ms. Frizzle, and Clifford to name a few.  They invite you to come and enjoy the stories that surround you.  The murals were created by Mrs. Bonwits, Mrs. Denlinger, and Ms. Hoffman-Buss.

Upper Dauphin Area School Library Access

Mrs. Bixler is the Elementary School librarian.